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With an ageing population, unhealthy lifestyles and pollution, China has a world-leading incidence of cancer, with 4.3m cases diagnosed in 2015, twice the 2000 figure. That makes recruiting patients for trials easier and is potentially a huge source of demand. Recently, immunotherapy as a tumor treatment has come to the forefront because of the significant successes of therapies using immune checkpoint antibodies and chimeric antigen receptor modified T (CAR-T) cells. Research into Car-T in China has exploded in recent years. There are currently 116 clinical trials registered in the country, according to a US government database, compared with 96 in the US and 15 in Europe, giving it a lead that would have been unthinkable when the treatment was first discovered. 

The success of such novel therapies depends heavily on extensive knowledge of individual patients, for which high-quality biomarkers are especially important. NGS and big data are accelerating the biomarker innovation. Current diagnostic approaches often fall short, due in large part to the complexity of the biology driving therapy responsiveness. As such, the biopharma industry is exploring many emerging approaches covering tumor, immune and even microbiome-related pathways and biomarkers. Read more…

Snapshot of PMIO 2020

  • Industry trends of precision medicine and immuno-oncology in China
  • Future of Immuno-Oncology drug development and global partnership
  • Commercial strategies from leading cell and immunotherapy companies in China
  • Future of companion diagnostics and precision medicine
  • Application big data, AI and other innovative technologies in precision medicine
  • Innovative liquid biopsy technology development and clinical applications
  • Single domain antibody and its application in CAR-T therapy
  • Immunotherapy clinical development for hematology cancer and solid tumors
  • New era of cell and gene therapies: Industrialization of Manufacturing
  • Innovative automation and digital solutions to ensure streamlined scale up and out of engineered cell immunotherapies 

Event Features

  • 300+ delegates from over 10 countries and regions 
  • 100+ attending organizations from key market segments in precision medicine
  • 40+ eminent speakers from top academia, pharma, and hospitals
  • 70% on average attendees from primary market (hospitals, research institutes, biopharma etc) 
  • 60%+ attendees at company decision making and director level 
  • 2 conferences at 1 location with 4 focused streams
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