Conference Vision

As the trend of biopharma development, precision medicine has attracted different countries to capitalize on it. Gene sequencing is seen as the foundation of precision medicine and thanks to its technological breakthrough in oncology diagnostics, precision medicine has developed at a rapid rate. Meanwhile, sectors related to precision medicine like cell therapy, liquid biopsy, antibody drugs, big data, gene chips, PCR are pursued by capitals. There are 26 listed companies in China in gene sequencing, cell therapy and stem cell business with 20% + CAGR. With increasing professional level for precision medicine, it is expected to become a market with billions of dollar market size.

Curing cancers have come become the core part of PMI for different countries due to the rising incidence of cancer and associated medical expenditure. Based on authoritative report, the global market size for cancer immunotherapy will grow to roughly USD 100 billion in 2021 from USD 620 billion in 2016 with 14% CAGR. PD-L1/PD-1 antibody has demonstrated good market prospect. Besides, cellular therapy has attracted global attention. Based on statistics, there’re 173 ongoing CAR-T clinical trials in the world and China ranks 2nd next to US with 30 clinical trials and 24 targets. Experts think with advancements in gene diagnostics and immunotherapy, cell based combination therapy could be human ground breaking technology to completely change the way of curing cancers.

Under this background and co-organized by Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association (CBA) and SAPA-GP, Precision Medicine and Immuno-oncology China 2017 will be convened in April in Shanghai. With the background of precision medicine, the theme will be centered on recent advancement and application of precision medicine, immunotherapy, biologics development and molecular diagnostics. The show is intended to promote the translation of precision medicine from bench to beside and from application of genetic testing to personalized medicine. Meantime, we are building a premier networking platform for industry companies and capitals to work together in China’s precision medicine industry. The show will attract 300+ delegates from regulatory body, industry association, pharma, biotech companies, CROs, hospitals, research institutes, biobanks, solutions providers to explore best clinical practice of precision therapy, stem cell and combination therapy, exchange recent advancement of precision medicine R&D in big pharma, showcase frontier technology and applications, and explore collaboration between industry and academia. We cordially invite you to attend this international summit and discuss China’s promising future of precision medicine.

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